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10/16/2010 09:36:42 pm

We just started playball, but my son had a great experience and just LOVES it! You are extremely upbeat and positive, which is so motivating. Keep up the good work.

1/25/2012 06:19:19 am

Our daughter, now five years old, began Playball at two. Because of the tremendous and positive impact on her development, it has been the one activity that we've never skipped. This program is in line with our focus and commitment to developing the whole child, with skills and critical thinking that carry into every activity of her life. As we've introduced new activities over the last three years, our daughter has excelled at each, so much so that other parents often ask about special training she may have previously had. Our response to each is that her Playball program supports and provides the confidence and critical thinking skills to approach each new endeavor. No one sport (karate/soccer/softball/dance) has offered a comparable level of big picture shaping at such a critical stage. She has excelled as an early piano player, academics, overall music and soccer. Each new program’s instructor reports recognizing common characteristics as reasons for her success; that she is not easily discouraged, is not intimidated and that she actually enjoys the learning process. We credit Coach Catherine’s Playball program as a major contributor to this development. Playball introduces many elements for our child to feel great about, whereas one sport alone may result in discouragement and frustration if there is no immediate success. This program has provided our child with an amazing learning environment to develop critical skills that will benefit her for a lifetime. If we only chose one enrichment activity during this stage for our child, it would be Coach Catherine’s Playball program. WE LOVE OUR PLAYBALL COACHES!


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